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I haven’t forgotten you all !

Hi everyone !
Its good to be back.
I needed to take a rest from blogging. I didnt take a rest from knitting, or any of the other crafty things that keep me busy.
I have had to re-organise my knitting room a few times. There was a flood in there. It was really upsetting for me and I felt very out of kilter as I couldnt find anything and nothing was where it should be. The insurance company were useless. They tried every angle they could to get out of paying for repairs. After 6 months of no decision from them, of seeing 3 different assessors, of countless phone calls and of trying to prove there was a terrible storm on the day the flood occured , six months earlier. I gave up and let them win. I withdrew all our many insurance policies from them and despite being insured with them for over 25 years, they really didnt seem to care at all.
Don’t ask me for a good reccomendation for AMI , I won’t give you one.
After getting the room put to rights, repaired and painted by my dearest husband, with advice from SIL, the room is back to its lovely wooly self.
I spent many many hours bagging all my yarn into fresh, clean plastic bags. The yarn was bagged prior to the flood, but the waterlogged wood shelving, leaked brown ooze and the bags were all discolored.
What a job it was to rebag the lot. On a good note, it gave me plenty of time to neaten the skeins and ponder the placement of the colors of yarn.
I have a massive cupboard full of yarn and it still spills out onto the floor, but its clean and dry and still loved.
I have gone through my thousands of patterns and discarded many hundred. I had double ups, I had patterns with no pictures of the finished garment, I had patterns of garments I would never knit. Ive ditched the heavy ring binders that housed the patterns and now have clear files to store my patterns in.
They take up much less space and are much easier to handle.
The work in my knitting room has taken many months to get even partially to the way I want it. I must admit I need to do a little more destashing of unwanted yarns. Yarns I know I won’t use.
Its not something I care to do too often.
I usually end up giving the yarns to my eldest daughter for her crafty things. She makes pompoms..many pompoms. She knits and sews and is very creative.
I can pass yarn over to her with very little seperation anxiety. I know it will be taken care of, used and appreciated.
Yarns that are destined for donation to the local Hospice shop, usually never make it there. Yarn seperation anxiety is a terrible thing. Will there be someone that wants it.? Will it be used for good ?. Will the dear Hospice ladies toss it out if it hasnt sold in a months time ?


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Hand Dyed

Hand Dyed Sock Yarn

There’s something about sock yarn that I love.

The weight of the yarn is great. It’s not thick and heavy. Its light and fine and inviting. Its speaks of beautifully soft socks that keep the toes as warm as toast. Sock yarn can be used for knitting anything really. Baby knitting is great for using up sock yarn. Any pattern lends itself to sock yarn. The color availability can sometimes not be too good though. Much of the commercial dyed yarn is variegated and bright.

I like to  my own yarn. That way I can get the colors I like and I also get to do the fun part. The hand dyeing. !

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