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Double Knit Socks

You will have heard of double knitting. You may have tried doing it.

Its different and fun.

But these socks are double knit together. Meaning, Im knitting two separate socks, at the same time, on the same needle.

Let me explain. The plain orange yarn is for one sock, the varigated is for the other sock. They are not a pair. When i have done the toe and finish knitting  they will  come apart as two seperate socks.

I’m using Bella Baby Sugar, a pure wool 4 ply, in orange and I am using Moda Vera Noir varigated yarn which is 75% wool and 25% polyamide. The needles are 2mm, which I usually use for sock ribbing, however, as I have an extra stitch sitting between each stitch, the gauge is looser.

I have a little yarn holder to hold the tension firm on the yarn of the outer, variegated, sock. It fits over my finger, on my left hand, and works really well.

I haven’20141027_093621t knit the rib on either socks yet. I will pick up around the cuff and knit the rib once the socks are finished.

I though knitting two socks at the sa20141027_093649me time might be quicker, it turns out to not be so, but it’s really fun to do,so that makes up for it.


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