5 Weeks Old

 This wee boy is the latest addition to ” Nanna’s boys ”

When Nanna first got a grandson, it was a true delight.

Jonothan is my eldest at 6 years old. He’s a runner and swimmer and is very good at reading. Quite bossy and very handsome.

The next addition was just fantastic.

Bryce is now 3. He thinks he is the only 3-year-old in the world. He has dibs on being 3.  Long thin pencil legs. Bossy to the max. Never cross him..he takes no prisoners.

Then Liam.

Dearest ” Lolly “. Big and bold. Nothing fazes him. Nothing really bothers him. If he gets hit…he hits back. Soon to be 2 years old.

Then there’s Tommy. Dearest wee Tommy.

He has started smiling in the last few days. The smiling was encouraged by his Mother singing. She was singing about wee and farts.

He smiled.

Sounds like he fits in with all the rest of Nanna’s boys quite well.






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Why are Thursdays so great ?

Thursday tomorrow

I have always seemed to have some kind of an affinity with Thursdays. No idea why. I  have always kinda liked Thursdays as a rule

Coronation Street is on Thursday night.

But, it’s also on Fridays as well. So…that can’t be it. Thursday generally is followed by a Friday ( which is always welcomed with open arms ) Always a nice thought, Fridays.

Thursdays do seem to be a tired day for me though . Getting out of bed is a drag, going off to work on a Thursday really should be banned. Then there’s the thought that although I’ve gotten up all week at the ungodly time my alarm is set for, there’s always another day to go before the weekend. Sheesh….another work day.

Once upon a time Thursday was a payday. It looked like a slightly better day then. But that was years ago. I’m definitely older and wiser now and payday isn’t always the best day of the week.  Still, I like a good Thursday.

Id have to say, if someone bothered to ask, that Tuesday’s are a pretty good day. Tuesday means I have gotten over the tribulations of trying to get through a day of work on Monday ..Tuesdays mean only 3 days to go till another weekend, always a nice thought.

I think the reason I like Tuesdays so much is because it’s usually Nanna Day.

I go and visit my darling wee grandson Tommy, on Tuesdays He is 5 weeks old now and very beautiful. He has tiny wee pencil size legs and a sticky out ear on one side that just begs for a kiss. He certainly knows how to make his Nanna’s heart melt.

Roll on next Tuesday !!!

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Meet Tommy !

 Meet my beautiful new Grandson, Tommy.

He arrived in a hurry on Aug 30. He weighed in at 3.030 ( 6.11lb ) and arrived at 3.03am.

Do you think his lucky number might be 3 ?

He has tiny wee hands and legs as thick as pencils.  His Mummy and Daddy are so proud.

So is his Nanna



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Knitter’s Retreat

   There was some fun to be had at the Knitter’s Retreat in Thames. There was plenty of wondering into shops to see what bargains could be had. There were a few yarn purchases made. A new swift was tested and so was a wool winder. There was a little food shopping and quite a lot of eating. There was a lot of laughs and quite a lot of knitting done.

We had a lot of fun. We hope to have another Knitter’s Retreat in Whangerei in 2013. Marilyn has offered to stay a few days in the bach we  plan to use, during her September holiday . Just to check out the lighting and fireplace ..of course.

I can’t wait to go away with some of my favorite people again.

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14 Days to go


Isn’t it amazing how beautiful a very round tummy can look.

His Nanna can’t wait to see him. xxxx



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Warmer fingers

 I got a bit carried away with knitting the fingerless   gloves. The warmth made me do it.

Firstly, I knit the red ones. They have been knit in  Deborah Norville Sock Yarn. It’s a Merino/bamboo mix. Beautifully soft, fine yarn.

The second pair is knit in Basics Merino. A thicker yarn, but still a 4ply.

I now have the “gloves bug” and am designing another pair..maybe I will put complete fingers on these.

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Fingerless Gloves

I can remeber being rather annoyed with gloves when I wore them as a child. I think it was due to be a very “feel” orientated person. I have to feel things to get a good impression of them. I like to touch. I have even been known to touch when there’s a “Do Not Touch” sign .

Surely those signs don’t apply to me ??

Anyway, gloves, for me are a bit of a hinderance.

So I knit some 2ply fingerless gloves in a lovely yarn called “Lace” by Natutrally. The lace is all over and the gloves have a lovely vintage look to them. The pattern is written and sold by Michelle Cozens at mishiyarns.co.nz

I have had some really nice comments about these fingerless gloves. I do feel, however, that being knit in this color, they need to be kept for when I am not driving or shopping, because I just dont want them to get so dirty that they need to be washed too frequently.


I thought I might wear fingerless gloves, that are in a more practical color and that have little fingers in them.

Its been really cold and I have been off work, due to my latest new hip. So I have been out and about a lot in the cold weather.

Can you buy lovely fingerless gloves in shops…NO..of course not.

So I thought it was time to knit a pair. Always with the vintage inspired theme in mind, I wrote a pattern.

The gloves have a longish ribbing. Nice to wear up the arm for extra warmth around the wrist, or folded, to give a real vintage look. I have knit these in sock yarn. I don’t like thick heavy looking gloves and certainly for me, thinner yarn gives a little more “feel” to the hands and fingers.

I knit the fingers a little longer than some fingerless gloves I have seen. Some have short stubby fingers, making me wonder why they have fingers at all.

I just need to sew the side seam on the gloves and then I will be able to post a picture. So see you here tomorrow, for the pic.

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