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Mental Knitting Queue

I have a mental queue of things I want to knit.
Its kind of like a flight path in my head. The projects bank up in the queue like waiting to land.

Sometimes the queue is so long and involved that it gets really difficult to try and remember all the things I want to knit.
There’s winter woolies for Tommy ( littlest Grandson ). About 7 items.
There’s winter woolies for Number 1 Grandson. About 5 items.
There’s shawlettes that I have patterns for, just waiting to be knit.
Socks patterns by the dozen..all waiting to be knit.
A jacket for me is in the queue.
A couple of scarves.
Some bags I want to knit and felt.
A tea cosy for my daughter.
It goes on and on.

Then, if you factor in the yarn that I have and want to find patterns for and knit, well there’s a whole room full of that !.

Sometimes the mental queue needs to be written down. It can get a little out of control.
If I live to 100, there will still be things that I just have to knit.
It might actually take me till I am 100 to knit all the yarn in my knitting room.


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