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Knit Nights

I think its lovely to have other knitters to sit down and knit with.

With social media being used so much , sometimes knitting with online knitters is the only way to connect, learn new techniques and see others finished projects.

Podcasts are great. Knitters always seem to love seeing what other knitters have made, or what they are in the progress of making. I have a number of podcasts that I watch regularly and its great to see a project from the start right through to the finally coming off the needles. I enjoy seeing the way projects are stored while in progress. Boxes, specially made knitting bags, fabric knit sacks and beautiful leather bags.

I love seeing all these and also like to find out what type of needles are being used. Most of the podcasts I watch, have a signature song.  Some are video’s of the knitter, mostly in their own home, showing their woolly purchases, from their LYS or some woolly event they have been too. Some podcasts are slick and well produced. Some are just basic videos, shot with, possibly a mobile phone and uploaded.

All the podcasts that are videos are definatly the type I prefer.

The ones that have show notes and are just audio are good, but you cant beat seeing the knitter and their projects. It is much more personal. These knitters seem to become so much more a part of my knitting circle.

Most of us knitters have a friend to knit with, or a group of friends. Most times these friendships are made purely as a result of joining a group. There are many knitting groups around . Not hard to find. Ask at your LYS. Ask in an online group in your city.

Local cafes are often great places to see a group of ladies with their knitting. I know of a local library that has a monthly group of knitters. Getting together and sharing a few hours is a great way to de-stress and get some quality knitting time away from family pressures and our usual routinue

I knit with a friend most weeks, time allowing. We compare patterns, talk about family and often shop for yarn together. I also attend a knit night on a monthly basis that was formed by asking if anyone knew of a group in my area, or anyone wanting to form a knitting group.

I was going out tonight to knit with a new group, but I have had a head cold for a few days and its really cold out tonight. So I am home, tucked up warm, a cup of tea and a sock waiting to be finished.



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