What’s on my needles.


Latest finished garment.

I have knit a mountain of things while I was on my break from blogging.
There are far too many projects to list here. I must say that the ones I enjoyed knitting the most would be the ones I knit for my Grandsons.

Being a knitter that has to knit all year round, I try to work on projects a year ahead.
So I knit big sweaters for my eldest grandson this year. When I say big, I mean 2 sizes too big.
Its funny how children get to the stage that they want to wear baggy clothing. Well, my eldest is there now. So I knit size 10 sweaters. 3 of them. All in 4ply !!

At the beginning, I didn’t think much of it. When I got to the third one, I was wondering how I could possibly be silly enough to think knitting giraffe long arms in 4ply could ever be classed as anything other than sheer madness.
The sweaters were lovely, but what a marathon.

For my 3 other grandsons, I knit their sweaters in DK weight yarn. Much more sensible.
I didn’t need to make so many things for my 2 little ones in KeriKeri. They have a ” hand down the sweater ” policy in their house. It makes sense. I do like to knit them something new, just for them though . So they got 2 each this winter.
I believe there is a mountain of handed down sweaters waiting to fit those 2 littlies.

For the tiniest boy, I have knit more, as he does not have any handed down ones to speak of. The big boys get such a great lot of wear from their’s, and they aren’t worth passing on.
So I made a good selection of warm knits for Tommy. He loves beanies and so I made matching ones for a few of the sweaters.
I will continue to do for him. He looks so very cute in them.

I did knit an all over fair isle sweater for him this year. It was an adaption of a child’s sweater that had a fair isle body but striped sleeves. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would put striped sleeves on such patterned garment. So I did the sleeves in the fair isle pattern. It took a little bit of working out as I had to include the sleeve increases in the pattern. But it came out beautifully and he loves it. I will try to remember to take a pic of it to show you.

As you can see, I have knit the green sweater for him. I like to use the 2 different shades. The yarn for the cuffs and bands is plain green and the body of the sweater is self striping green. It’s cute. It’s for next winter.


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