Welcome 2013

I guess everyone thought I had given up my blog…I didnt. I was just a bit overwhelmed.


Ive been so very busy.

Taken up with baby sitting, visiting with family, having a new bathroom installed,
cooking & baking, trying to learn to spin, knitting copious amounts, gardening, reading and working longer hours.

Ive tried to get in a bit more reading time. I have also tried to organise some more yarn dyeing, with little effect.

I have done yarn shopping, knitting with friends and sleeping….a lot.

It was so nice to not having to wake to my alarm clock over the Christmas break. I get up so early for work each day and I sure didnt miss that routinue for a few days.

If you’d like a run down on the knniting done over the break..well ..its serious stuff.

A vest for Number 1 Grandson

Picture hats for all 4 of Nanna’s boys

Socks for me..and for friends

Baby jackets…for a busy knitter friend

Lace shawlettes

and a lovely jumper in grey for a growing grandson.

I am starting 2013 with a resolve to knit more, dye more yarn and de- stash the knitting room ( just a little ).

Ive got a million ideas for some new knitting patterns and a hankering to do more embroidery this year as well.

So ..its going to be a busy one.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and time to relax and enjoy the lovely weather we had over December.

I hope you are working to keep your New Years resolutions…if you made any.

I wish you all happy knitting for a wonderful 2013.



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