SouthSeas Knitting

This is Mel Clark.

You may remember in my earlier posts having mentioned that I sample knit, and test knitting patterns for Mel.

I’ve knit a lot for Mel over the last few years. She always has something for me to knit for her.

Recently, on her blog, she mentioned that she has sold her house and is moving.

When she wrote that post, she mentioned going off to the UK and the US for a few months. Mel has a daughter in NY and a son in the UK. There was also  mention of  plans to hold knitting workshops in both countries, over the next few months.

There haven’t been any new posts on her blog over the past few weeks, so I am guessing that things are fairly hectic and there’s probably a lot of packing going on.

It seems there aren’t any definite plans on where Mel will settle, once her jaunts overseas are finished. I do hope that she will settle here in NZ.

Wishing you Good Luck on your travels, Mel.




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