5 Weeks Old

 This wee boy is the latest addition to ” Nanna’s boys ”

When Nanna first got a grandson, it was a true delight.

Jonothan is my eldest at 6 years old. He’s a runner and swimmer and is very good at reading. Quite bossy and very handsome.

The next addition was just fantastic.

Bryce is now 3. He thinks he is the only 3-year-old in the world. He has dibs on being 3.  Long thin pencil legs. Bossy to the max. Never cross him..he takes no prisoners.

Then Liam.

Dearest ” Lolly “. Big and bold. Nothing fazes him. Nothing really bothers him. If he gets hit…he hits back. Soon to be 2 years old.

Then there’s Tommy. Dearest wee Tommy.

He has started smiling in the last few days. The smiling was encouraged by his Mother singing. She was singing about wee and farts.

He smiled.

Sounds like he fits in with all the rest of Nanna’s boys quite well.






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