Why are Thursdays so great ?

Thursday tomorrow

I have always seemed to have some kind of an affinity with Thursdays. No idea why. I  have always kinda liked Thursdays as a rule

Coronation Street is on Thursday night.

But, it’s also on Fridays as well. So…that can’t be it. Thursday generally is followed by a Friday ( which is always welcomed with open arms ) Always a nice thought, Fridays.

Thursdays do seem to be a tired day for me though . Getting out of bed is a drag, going off to work on a Thursday really should be banned. Then there’s the thought that although I’ve gotten up all week at the ungodly time my alarm is set for, there’s always another day to go before the weekend. Sheesh….another work day.

Once upon a time Thursday was a payday. It looked like a slightly better day then. But that was years ago. I’m definitely older and wiser now and payday isn’t always the best day of the week.  Still, I like a good Thursday.

Id have to say, if someone bothered to ask, that Tuesday’s are a pretty good day. Tuesday means I have gotten over the tribulations of trying to get through a day of work on Monday ..Tuesdays mean only 3 days to go till another weekend, always a nice thought.

I think the reason I like Tuesdays so much is because it’s usually Nanna Day.

I go and visit my darling wee grandson Tommy, on Tuesdays He is 5 weeks old now and very beautiful. He has tiny wee pencil size legs and a sticky out ear on one side that just begs for a kiss. He certainly knows how to make his Nanna’s heart melt.

Roll on next Tuesday !!!


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