Fingerless Gloves

I can remeber being rather annoyed with gloves when I wore them as a child. I think it was due to be a very “feel” orientated person. I have to feel things to get a good impression of them. I like to touch. I have even been known to touch when there’s a “Do Not Touch” sign .

Surely those signs don’t apply to me ??

Anyway, gloves, for me are a bit of a hinderance.

So I knit some 2ply fingerless gloves in a lovely yarn called “Lace” by Natutrally. The lace is all over and the gloves have a lovely vintage look to them. The pattern is written and sold by Michelle Cozens at

I have had some really nice comments about these fingerless gloves. I do feel, however, that being knit in this color, they need to be kept for when I am not driving or shopping, because I just dont want them to get so dirty that they need to be washed too frequently.


I thought I might wear fingerless gloves, that are in a more practical color and that have little fingers in them.

Its been really cold and I have been off work, due to my latest new hip. So I have been out and about a lot in the cold weather.

Can you buy lovely fingerless gloves in shops…NO..of course not.

So I thought it was time to knit a pair. Always with the vintage inspired theme in mind, I wrote a pattern.

The gloves have a longish ribbing. Nice to wear up the arm for extra warmth around the wrist, or folded, to give a real vintage look. I have knit these in sock yarn. I don’t like thick heavy looking gloves and certainly for me, thinner yarn gives a little more “feel” to the hands and fingers.

I knit the fingers a little longer than some fingerless gloves I have seen. Some have short stubby fingers, making me wonder why they have fingers at all.

I just need to sew the side seam on the gloves and then I will be able to post a picture. So see you here tomorrow, for the pic.


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