Bag of Tricks

  Most knitters have more than one trick in their bag….

Most knitters can also crochet..even just a little. There’s often a little button placket to be crocheted on..or a little tiny edge on a neckline..

Most knitters can sew..maybe not dressmaking, but sew enough to darn a sock or stitch on a button.

Most knitters are very crafty.

Some like to quilt, others love scrapbooking.

Me……I like to dye yarn. It’s very labour intensive. Winding from balls into hanks, winding it back into balls once the yarn has been dyed. The dyeing itself takes a few days from start to the end of the drying process.

I love the unexpectedness of dyeing yarn. You choose a color pallete, mix the dyes and add it to the yarn. Depending on the yarn color you may get a bright intense clear color, you might get a soft muted color.

Depending on process used to apply the dye, you might get soft blends, you might get splotches. It’s all technique.

Its fun.



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