Little Feet


There comes a time in all Mother’s lives, when they have to face the fact, that their babies have grown up.

 Mother’s seem to get lulled into a sense of always being the mother. True in a sense. But Then……

Their babies decide to grow.

They start High School !!  Horror of Horrors …….

They get boyfriends or girlfriends ( worse still )

They want to learn to DRIVE.  Excuse me while I shudder.

They make their own decisions. They move out of home. They want to travel the world.

Then one day, when you least expect it, they get engaged. ( Take deep breaths as you read this dear Mothers )

No matter how little you think your babies will stay. No matter how hard you wish they wouldn’t, they GROW UP !

The perfect wee feet that once fit in the perfect little booties get bigger. So big, in fact, that they decide they want their own babies !!

It takes a Mother a good long time to get used to this idea. Those precious wee ones that were the center of your life for so long, don’t need you the same any longer.

Sad … but true.

And that’s the way of it….Life, I mean.

Would we really want it any other way ?

P.S   Have I mentioned my beautiful grandsons in this post ?




and soon to be delivered ..Baby Sharp

The most precious wee people ever made.








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