I forgot to tell you all !

I have another BRAND NEW HIP !

Bright and shiny ceramic. Painted with tiny pink roses…just like my other one.

I am sure this hip is healing better than the other. Its not as sore, its not as stiff to move.

AND …the best news of all…My legs are the same lenght !!

I have suffered for the last 7 months with healing scars….intense pain from the hip awaiting replacement…far too many painkillers..little sleep and wobbly walking.

Gone is the pain…and the tramadol 6 times a day…gone is the sleep deprivement..gone is the wobbly walking.

I am now even !!!!!     The Doctor spent a while getting the legs lenghts even, he said.

Great things these surgeons can these days…shoulda asked for a tummy tuck while he was there….


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    Susan Shay said,

    I tried for a tummy tuck while I was getting my new hip (well, it’s 2 1/2 years old, but still new-ish!) but my doc turned me down. I did get to wake up in the middle of surgery. Not really what I wanted to do, but hey! I love a new experience. 🙂

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