Knitters Have Stashes

It’s not uncommon to hear that a knitter has a stash. Most knitter’s do. The stash is made up of yarns they saw that couldn’t be passed up due to the squishyness..or the color…or a cheaper price. Purchasing can happen daily to some knitters. No names mentioned here.

Once the yarn has been procured, the knitter will then try to get the afore mentioned yarns into the house without being seen. The reason for the yarns to not be seen is because they may not be destined for an immediate project. They may just be destined to be admired. The yarn will serve its purpose. Others may argue that over- buying yarn is not just a habit is an addiction. ! So its easier to smuggle in the yarns than discuss the phone bills and mortgage repayments.

As far as I am concerned buying yarns for the stash is the best addiction anyone could have.

So …I have a room ..a knitters room, in my house. The door to this knitter’s room is occasionally hard to shut. There’s all kinds of yarns in this lovely room. Hand dyed ones I have done myself. White and cream yarns waiting to be dyed. Beautiful expensive mooshy yarns that will never be knit. Yarns destined to be knit for my grandsons, daughters,friends,and relatives.

The smell of delicous yarny-ness in this room is exquisite. I go in there…take a few deep breaths of the sheepy goodness and admire all the yarns I have stashed.

It’s not uncommon for knitters to have another stash. This is made up of garments that have been knit and are waiting to be given away. If you are like me I have drawers and boxes of knitted goodies.

For each impending grandchild I knit, and knit, and knit. I knit blue, thank goodness. I knit pink, in the hope of having a grand-daughter.

Each baby, precious little souls, turned out to be boys. Even the newest little one, due in September, is a boy.

So my stash of knitted garments leans heavily on the pink side.

When I heard of an impending birth of a little girl in our extended family, I knew right away that I could clothe this wee girl in my knitting till she turns 21 !!

Well, not quite, but nearly.

I have relished going through all the drawers and boxes of knitted goods. I have delighted in fishing out mountains of pink knitted goodies and have boxed it all up to send away. It makes me very pleased to know that all the pink knitting is going to be used for a dear wee girl due in July.

I can’t wait to see her. I now have a little someone who needs pink knitting just as much as my 4 beautiful grandsons need blue.

The world has been put to rights. We are even now.

Better fly, I have some pink lace weight 4ply waiting to be knit.


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    Sandra - Mum/Grandma said,

    And i feel so lucky not having to clack those rusty neddles, into blue or pink, knowing that an amazing lady has entered my family with kind creative gifts with love and positive thoughtfullness to share …. oxoxoxo

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