Lolly’s Dolly

Lolly's Dolly

A tradition happened about 5 years ago.
Its become a lovely tradition, especially as my grandchildren are all boys.

On their first birthday, I give them a doll. Not a teddy or a stuffed animal. A doll.

Now there is nothing wrong with boys liking dolls. Its a little person of their own. Someone to tells secrets to in bed after lights out. Someone to snuggle with. A special little someone that Nanna gave me.

The first doll was a fabric boy doll. He was named “Ben the boy dolly “.
He was loved.
He changed his name slightly and become “Begoll”.
Something a little boy could easily say.

Then another first birthday.
This brought a tiny wee doll with a fabric body and plastic face. He was wearing a little mechanic suit with a tiny spanner in his pocket. Very cute and loved lots. He doesn’t really have a name, I don’t think.
He is ” Brycies dolly “. And thats that !

Then came another boy..and another first birthday.

Its not easy to find boys’ dolls. I didnt want to relent and give a stuffed animal, or a teddy. It just had to be a doll.
After many months for hunting for a boy doll, I found a knitting pattern for a beautiful wee girl doll.
If you know me at all, you understand a sex change in a knitted doll isnt that hard to master.
So the first birthday came and we now have another addition to the family.
This one is ” Lolly’s Dolly ”

It seems he’s awfully well loved.


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