Did you know….

New Zealand’s National Day…if there really is a National Day, is Waitangi Day.

The 6th day of February is Waitangi Day. A public holiday for us.

Our country has the highest ratio of sheep to humans. A fact every knitter should be aware of.

I know many knitters with the fleeces of a few dozen sheep stashed in their cupboards, under their beds and hidden from husbands in drawers designed to hold things quite unrelated to knitting.

I, have a few dozens fleeces stashed in my knitting room. They are there to make sure that I NEVER run out of yarn to knit.  No matter what, I have yarn.

I do stash a bit of my most precious yarn in my freezer. To keep it well away from moths, of course.

Moths are quite partial to a little snack of wool now and then. It’s a shame they don’t eat grass, like the sheep.



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