Hand dyeing yarn

I have always loved variegated yarns.

A few years ago, I read about dyeing yarn with Kool Aid.

Kool Aid is a drink, predominantly sold in the US and Canada.

It comes in sachet form and is very concentrated. Its to be mixed with water for drinking. As it is so very concentrated, the powder is ideal as a dye for wool.

The drink comes in a range of flavors, and therefore colors,  and is sugar free.

Getting hold of sachets of Kool Aid in Nz can be a little tricky. It can sometimes be found on Trademe, but its pricey. Kool Aid sachets bought in the US are around 5c a sachet. I’ve managed to get hold of some Kool Aid via a good knitter friend, Karen, who can be found at www.struanfarm.com  .

Karen bought me back a lovely supply of the powder. But of course I have needed to get in new supplies which I have managed to do through some lovely ladies on www.ravelry.com .

Food coloring is also a great substance for dyeing wool, but the result is not as crisp and clear as Kool Aid dyeing.

Im always on the hunt for Kool Aid, as I can get some fantastic colorways on the wool.

I’ve sold many many hanks of my hand dyed wool on Trademe in the last few years. I dye only small amounts of yarn in each color as I am not trying to mass produce colors, rather offer some unique colors for knitters. I try to dye some yarn every few weeks. I find it very relaxing and intriguing to see what color combinations can turn out like.

Below is a small sample of Kool Aid dyed yarn


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