Socks for Christmas ?

I love to knit socks.

I love the beautiful variegated sock yarns that are so easily found these days.

I have a really old sock pattern that I use for all my socks and just vary it to allow for a pattern stitch.

I usually always try to knit a pair of socks for everyone on the Christmas list, every year.

Strange as it may seem, even in the heat of summer, I knit socks for Christmas. I figure summer is only a season away from winter, when those lovingly created socks will be needed.

fortunately for me, there’s only one person in the family that doesn’t like hand knit socks, and he knows who he is !

I can look at that situation 2 ways, firstly its one less pair I have to make, or, secondly, I can knit myself a pair instead.

And I usually knit a pair for myself.

Theres something about handknit socks that you just can’t beat. They are warmer than bought socks. They are brighter and more cheerful than bought socks.

They are knit with the new owner in mind, and you can’t say that about bought socks.

I am on the 3rd pair of Christmas socks.

The first pair is knit from Debbie Norville Serenity Sock Yarn. The yarn is beautifully soft and squishy.


The second are knit in Noir.


It’s a Moda Vera yarn that I bought in Spotlight. I have knit socks in this yarn many times and they always look great. They wash well and are lovely and warm.

The third pair of socks are still in progress. These are knit in a sock yarn I received as a present last year for Xmas. unfortunately I haven’t got the ball band any longer.

Blue variegated

I figure I have another 6 pairs of socks to knit before December 25th.

Better go…socks to knit  !


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